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Why Our World School?


"Preparing students to achieve their fullest potential"


Our World School is a private, non-profit school for children in grades K-12 who have been diagnosed with special needs, including but not limited to, autism, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, ADHD, and other medical/learning disabilities. Our World focuses on academics, life skills, social skills, and partnering with the parent/guardian to provide consistency for the child for the transition from home to school and back home again.

Each classroom integrates ABA Modalities into the classroom, particularly during one on one academic sessions. Classrooms are led by teachers who are certified with academics aligning with the Georgia Course of Study for the five core areas – math, reading, language arts, science, and social studies.  Our teachers have partner para pros giving the classroom a (no more than) 7:2 ratio for learning. In addition, our ABA Model classroom teachers and para pros go through 40-50 hours of behavioral training.

At Our World School, we understand that no two children learn the exact same way, or at the exact same time and place on their journey to success. Because of this, Our World School utilizes several researched based curriculum options to create a personalized learning plan (PLP) that is customized to each individual child. We create the PLP’s in partnership with the parent/guardian to ensure that what is included in the child’s PLP is relevant to the life of the specific child. 

In the Fall of 2019, we brought in our Developmental Visual Learning Program. In this program, we assess the student’s development through the natural neurological hierarchies to identify where remediation is required. Remediation is done through a series of simple looking, yet complex games designed to increase the brain’s capacity, processing speed, resilience to failure, and ultimately teach the student to learn with eidetic (visual) memory. The beauty of this program is that the students think that all they do at school is play fun and engaging games! We play with purpose!

Life Skills and Social Skills are a high priority for Our World School. Classroom schedules are created to ensure that time is given to small group life and social skills learning, large group life and social skills learning, and the practical application of these skills through Community Based Learning.

We passionately believe that a safe, caring, positive environment promotes happy, well adjusted children who are willing to learn. Our World School works incessantly to create this environment for the students, the parents, and our staff.



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Our World School
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