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Walk a Mile in Our Shoes!!

We are putting the FUN in Fundraiser! On October 2, 2021, Our World at H.O.P.E. Park will be hosting our annual Walk-a-Mile in our Shoes.  What is so fun about it?  EVERYTHING!!!!

We are challenging our community men to Walk-A Mile in Our Shoes to raise money for Our World School! HIGH HEELS, that is! Our daring supporters will start at H.O.P.E. Park @ Big Springs, 64 Veterans Drive, McDonough, and walk just over a mile around McDonough Square!  
You can help by registering to walk yourself and get pledges, pledge to a walker of your choice, purchase a yard sign for a great mom to honor her, purchase sponsorships, or issue challenge cards. It is free to register, but we do ask that you raise at least $25 for your walk. Men, women, and children can walk!

What is a Challenge Card? We are so glad you asked!

There are 5 different challenge cards available:
Call out a Walk a Mile Challenge- Do you want to see someone in HIGH HEELS walking around the square? Let us know by purchasing this card.  We will officially call them out on social media, with a phone call and email.  We cannot guarantee they will participate, but we can make sure we make a lot of noise in their direction! $20

Want to add FUN to the day of the event, issue one of our other challenge cards to the walker of your choice:
Quick Diaper Change Challenge (QDC)- The challenged walker must do a quick diaper change before leaving the QDC Challenge Zone.  What happens if more than one person challenges him? He must complete each challenge card before moving on! $20

“Super Mom” Challenge (SM) – The challenged walker must be a “Super Mom” and complete multi-faceted tasks prior to leaving the SM Challenge Zone.  In this challenge, the walker must carry a diaper bag, a purse, and a baby doll on his hip, while pushing a stroller and chatting on the phone.  Same rules apply, one time per challenge card and all must be completed before leaving the SM Challenge Zone! $20

Take Your Child to Therapy (OT) – The challenged walker must take time out of their walk to complete an OT obstacle course that challenges balance, gross motor movements, and executive planning. Bwahaha! Same rules apply, one time per challenge card and all must be completed prior to leaving the OT area. $20
Fill the Purse Challenge (FTP) – The challenged walker must collect $10 in donations from anyone who is around to put in their purse for Our World School.  Same rules apply, one time per challenge card and all must be completed prior to leaving the FTP Challenge Zone.

Sound fun yet?

Oh Wait, there is one more thing!  The walker, someone who loves the walker, or someone who just feels badly for the challenged walker can do them a favor and purchase a “Take A Load Off” Card.  What is a “Take a Load Off” card? 

An “Take a Load Off Card” gives the walker a chance to trade his HIGH HEEL shoes for a pair of flip flops for the time it takes to complete one challenge card.  Walkers can purchase these cards for themselves as well.  We figure it’s a little bit like a Mulligan in golf.
So, Ladies, line the streets of McDonough Square! Bring your cameras, your friends, and a great sense of humor.  This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

If you would like to learn more about Our World School, go to www.OurWorldSchool.org.


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