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Our World School Curricula


At Our World School, we understand that no two children learn the exact same way, or at the exact same time and place on their journey to success. Because of this, Our World School utilizes several researched based curriculum options to create a personalized learning plan (PLP) that is customized to each individual child.

Unique Learning System: Unique Learning System is an award-winning, standards-based curriculum specifically designed so that students with special needs can access the general education curriculum.

In addition to the Unique Learning System, we use:


  Touch Math is a multi-sensory program using signature “Touch Points” to engage students of all abilities and learning styles and teach all concepts from number recognition to time, money, and fractions.  

Reading, Spelling & Vocabulary

  PCI Reading utilizes precision and fluency teaching methods to build reading skills through researched retention, endurance, and application activates across multi-modal units.

SRA Reading Mastery is a research-based curriculum that provides intensive, explicit and systematic teaching through strategy-based instruction.

Language Arts

  Shurley Grammar integrates research proven methods to promote interaction with songs and jingles, as well provide immediate feedback with a Q&A process to analyze parts of speech.  

Science & Social Studies

  These subjects are taught using a collection of high quality units. Selection is based on student and classroom goals with emphasis on generalization within the community.

Scholastic News has been a great interactive success that the students love! It stays current with world topics and technology while finding ways to meaningfully connect today’s youth to the past and the other side of the world.


  Handwriting Without Tears is a research-based multi-sensory handwriting program that progresses from basic fine motor activities to printing and cursive writing.

Typing Without Tears is also utilized to teach students correct form in typing while working to increase fluency and accuracy in today’s technology-drive society.

Life Skills and Social Skills

  Our teachers utilize a selection of high-quality resources to provide our students with life skills and social skills that they can generalize to their natural environments. For many classrooms, this involves practicing classroom-taught skills in our community-based learning program.


ABA Model Classrooms is the application of the principles of learning and motivation from
Behavior Analysis, and the procedures and technology derived from those principles, to the solution of problems of social significance inside the classroom.  "Socially significant behaviors" include reading, academics, social skills, communication, and adaptive living skills. Adaptive living skills include gross and fine motor skills, eating and food preparation, toileting, dressing, personal self-care, domestic skills, time and punctuality, money and value, home and community orientation, and work skills.

Choice Theory is a theory of internal behavioral control that emphasizes strong relationships, choice, rigorous expectations of quality and kind and skillful mentoring. Choice theory stresses 7 positive and connecting habits and 7 harmful habits. The positive habits are caring, contributing, befriending, listening, encouraging, trusting and supporting. The harmful habits are judging, nagging, rewarding to control, criticizing, blaming, complaining and punishing. Consistent applications of the tenants of Choice
Theory helps students, staff and parents develop relationships, social emotional stability and a culture of engagement that is foundational to academic success.

Developmental Visual Learning is "Playing with Purpose!" In this program, we assess the student’s development through the natural neurological hierarchies to identify where remediation is required. Remediation is done through a series of simple looking, yet complex games designed to increase the brain’s capacity, processing speed, resilience to failure, and ultimately teach the student to learn with eidetic (visual) memory. The beauty of this program is that the students think that all they do at school is play fun and engaging games!

*** We have had so much success with the Developmental Visual Learning Program that it is currently limited in the number of additional students we can accept into the program. If interested in this program, it needs to be requested at the time of application submission. Upon acceptance into the school, we evaluate the student for the program. This is done on a first come, first served basis.

  On site physical therapy, occupational therapy, and occupational therapy are also available.  


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